Classroom and Teaching Practices for Pre-primary and Primary

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The community focusses on sharing conceptual understanding of art of managing early childhood and primary classrooms, tools and techniques to manage a large class size, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, creative skills, counselling Skills, collaborative learning in classrooms, project based learning, technology integration & learning, educational psychology, proactive classroom management techniques, culturally responsive classroom management, positive and compassionate classrooms, assertive discipline and managing stress for students and teachers.

This community offers teaching resources such as worksheets, focussed set of activities, contests and quizzes, ideas for over the summer, rubrics for assessment, puzzles, research reports and project reports. You will also be able to share your experiences, blogs, questions and collaborate with other members of this community on best teaching practices.

The blogs offer teaching professionals personal experiences, practical, real-life, problem-based examples, tips that help to understand and adapt teaching resources to suit a grade level and address the specific needs of the student population within their classroom.


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Who would benefit?

  • Undergraduates, graduates and pre-service freshers aspiring to become school teachers
  • Teaching Professionals performing the roles of faculty, Head of Department, teacher aides, curriculum coordinators and school leaders

Community Coverage

This community contains blogs and resources in the following areas:



There are no specific prerequisites required to join this community, however, users with the following background will tend to gain more from the community:

  • Preferably with an understanding of basic teaching and classroom management practices
  • Background knowledge about teaching
  • Fundamental idea about the requirements of a typical classroom


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Kavita Safi
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