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Duration: 1 Week

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This course provides the learner a basic understanding of various aspects of equity products. The learner understands the process flow involved in trading, clearing and settlement of these products. The learner also gets a knowledge of the regulatory environment under which the market operates.

The course is explained in simple sentences or bullet points with images and graphs to support the text and show actual economic trends. Videos provide powerful visual explanation for selected topics. Each element plays an important role and reinforces the others, but the textual content is by far the core component of the course. Other elements add depth by providing visual evidence of the ideas discussed in the text.

On successful completion of the course, a learner will know the basics of equity markets, characteristics of equity, associated risks and returns and the taxation aspects. The learner will also become familiar with the clearing, settlement and risk management as well as the operational mechanism related to the equity market.


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Who would benefit?

  • Graduate and postgraduate students aspiring to work with trading members of the equity segment of a recognised stock exchange in sales and client advisory roles
  • Anyone, including school or college students, interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of the Indian equity market

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This course comprises the following modules:



This course does not have any prerequisites with respect to the domain/subject being addressed.


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