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Duration: 12 Weeks

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Online Self-paced

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About this Course

In this course you will learn the core macroeconomic concepts which have been covered in eleven simple but lucid modules. The aim of this course is to explain the connections and linkages between key economic variables such as growth, money supply, inflation, exchange rate and trade. The role and scope of government policies in managing and controlling is also discussed.

The course is explained in simple sentences or bullet points with images and graphs to support the text and show actual economic trends. Videos provide powerful visual explanation for selected topics. Each element plays an important role and reinforces the others, but the textual content is by far the core component of the course. Other elements add depth by providing visual evidence of the ideas discussed in the text.

By understanding the basic macroeconomic concepts, a learner will be able to understand the significance of economic events as they occur in daily life. Specifically, the learner will be better placed to assess the impact fiscal and monetary policies have on the organisation and industry. The learner also becomes familiar with the link between global capital flows, domestic capital markets, trade and the exchange rate.


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Who would benefit?

  • Professional wealth managers, Financial advisors, Investors and post graduate students who are interested in making a career in the Wealth Management Industry
  • School or college students who are not from an economics background but are interested in basic Macroeconomics

Course Syllabus

This course comprises the following modules:



This course does not have any prerequisites with respect to the domain/subject being addressed.


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