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The real value of money changes over time, even though the amount printed on the face of a coin or note remains the same. The idea that a rupee today is more valuable than a rupee available in the future is called the time value of money. The concept of time value is used in most finance decisions such as the capital budgeting decision, or the choice of capital structure. This course provides a primer on the techniques of adjusting cash flows for time value.

The course is a mix of elearning video and recap questions.

At the end of the course, you are expected to understand the idea of time value of money, that is, its future value, present value, rate and time period and the connection between them. You will also learn how to compound and discount cash flows to their future and present values respectively. While doing so, you will know how to calculate the rate that converts present cash flows to their future values and also to compute the time period at which present cash flows compound to their future values at a given rate.


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  • Students pursuing graduation and post-graduation, and job seekers in the financial sector
  • Relationship Managers looking for career progression to the level of a Branch, Regional or Cluster Head in corporate finance, mortgages or capital markets

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