The Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Professional Project

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Duration: 7 Weeks

Commitment: 4 Hours/Week



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Online Self-paced

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About this Course

In this course, you will learn JavaScript, the #1 web programming language in the world. Mastering JavaScript (Basic & Advanced) will make you a highly sought-after web developer in the job market. Super strong foundations of JavaScript will prepare you to learn JS frameworks like AngularJS, React and Node.js.

This course follows a robust structure and a results-driven approach based on "learning by doing" which has helped learners secure web development jobs in the past. It is the most comprehensive JavaScript course in the market. With 15 highly structured sections distributed over 26 hours of content and 220 lectures, this course also includes crystal clear presentations, detailed explanations, coding challenges and a professional real-life project. All source codes used in the videos can be downloaded.

This course will help you progress from Zero Skills to securing a JavaScript Developer job. Through this course, you would learn challenging concepts like closures, hoisting, Immediately-Invoked Function Expression (IIFE), encapsulation, with ease. You will also gain immense knowledge to use these "challenging" concepts to build a fully functional Typing Test App which will make you confident of your development skills.
Based on learners' feedback, a new concept has been implemented - "Code as you Go" while building the Mega Professional Project so that you are never out of context. This gets you the experience of building a Full Advanced JavaScript Application which can be customised and added to your CV.


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Who would benefit?

  • This course will primarily benefit:
    • Students wanting to progress from Zero Skills to securing a JavaScript Developer job
    • Students preparing for JavaScript Developer interviews with top web development corporations
  • This course is also beneficial to:
    • Students interested in learning top JavaScript frameworks used by companies like Facebook, Instagram and PayPal.
    • Students interested in learning beyond coding: thinking and functional design.

Course Syllabus

This course comprises the following modules:



Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS


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