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Course Details

Course Commencement
August 2023 (Tentative)
Course Completion
January 2024 (Tentative)
Exam Dates
Multiple slots in January 2024 (Tentative)
Credits & LTP
Each course offers 5 credit points.
Practical (Hands-on)
Recommended For:
Graduation Programme - B.E./B.Tech
Branch - Applicable across all engineering branches
Semester -
5 th,  6 th,  7 th  and  8 th

Course Summary

Intelligent Game Design is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to explore new technologies for creative opportunities to enhance the future of gaming. According to a Forbes article in 2022, with a market value of over US $300 billion, the global gaming industry continues to make great strides and connect millions of gamers worldwide. McKinsey Global Institute study found that by 2030, between 400 million and 800 million employees around the world could be displaced by automation. There are already more than 250 game development companies, with at least two companies coming up every month.

Intelligent Game Design and its Applications is a course that will give students a basic understanding of the principles to be followed in the play and mechanics of game design. They will get an orientation on the genres of games, serious games and their application in industry. They will also get to know the role of different technologies such as AR, VR and AI in game development. Students will gain a 360-degree understanding of the game design process and an opportunity to follow the process to create a rapid prototype on their own. The initial phase of the project will involve formulating a problem statement through user research. This could involve the use of paper and pencil or Google forms.


Students need to perform hands-on assignments and projects using MS/Open Office tools and wireframes. Sketches and mock-ups need to be created using Photoshop and PowerPoint. Students can download Unity personal edition for implementing their game ideas.

Students will have to leverage the above-mentioned tools to complete the industry assignment as well as to complete the Part B section of the summative assessment.

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Anyone who loves playing games and is interested in making a career in gaming/serious gaming can take up this course.

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus will be delivered through a combination of eLearning resources, digital lectures, community based digital classrooms as applicable.
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Course Components

Digital Learning
Courses to consist of enriching eLearning resources View Sample
Multiple digital lectures delivered by a renowned academician and an industry expert, through the entire duration of a course View Sample
Academic Connect
Moderated by an academic expert with a focus on building conceptual clarity View Sample
Industry Connect
Moderated by an industry expert with a focus on building industry oriented applied knowledge View Sample
Access to industry related mini projects to enable practical exposure for candidates View Sample
Periodic Formative
Access to three periodic formative assessments during the course View Sample
Summative Assessment
Candidates to appear for either summative assessments consisting of two parts - Test of Knowledge and Test of Application or TCS NQT View Sample
Verifiable Digital
Successful candidates to receive a digital certificate, verifiable through online platforms View Sample
Internship opportunity for toppers in the respective courses, subject to vacancies in corporates and their hiring policies View Sample
Get visibility to job vacancies with leading corporate recruiters that recognise the TCS NQT certification, subject to vacancies in corporates and their hiring policies View Sample