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Course Details

Course Commencement
August 2023 (Tentative)
Course Completion
January 2024 (Tentative)
Exam Dates
Multiple slots in January 2024 (Tentative)
Credits & LTP
Each course offers 5 credit points.
Practical (Hands-on)
Recommended For:
Graduation Programme - B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed
Branch - Mathematics, Psychology, Education, English

Course Summary

General Mental Ability (GMA) refers to the capacity of an individual to effectively process information at a quick pace to understand, learn, reason and solve problems. The overall GMA score tends to explain the variation in individual performance more than specific course-related knowledge and abilities.

The Item Writing for GMA (Numerical) course primarily focusses on the reasoning capability of an individual with numbers and numerical formulations. The course has been designed to help learners create tests for assessing the numerical reasoning skills of indviduals.

The course introduces learners to 15+ item types in numerical reasoning with examples and skills that would be assessed. It gives learners an understanding on the core processes involved in numerical reasoning to help create effective tests for analysing an individual's ability.


A virtual hands-on environment is integrated within the course.

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Knowledge in the field of English, Education, Psychology or Mathematics is necessary.

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus will be delivered through a combination of eLearning resources, digital lectures, community based digital classrooms as applicable.
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Course Components

Digital Learning
Courses to consist of enriching eLearning resources View Sample
Multiple digital lectures delivered by a renowned academician and an industry expert, through the entire duration of a course View Sample
Academic Connect
Moderated by an academic expert with a focus on building conceptual clarity View Sample
Industry Connect
Moderated by an industry expert with a focus on building industry oriented applied knowledge View Sample
Access to industry related mini projects to enable practical exposure for candidates View Sample
Periodic Formative
Access to three periodic formative assessments during the course View Sample
Summative Assessment
Candidates to appear for either summative assessments consisting of two parts - Test of Knowledge and Test of Application or TCS NQT View Sample
Verifiable Digital
Successful candidates to receive a digital certificate, verifiable through online platforms View Sample
Internship opportunity for toppers in the respective courses, subject to vacancies in corporates and their hiring policies View Sample
Get visibility to job vacancies with leading corporate recruiters that recognise the TCS NQT certification, subject to vacancies in corporates and their hiring policies View Sample


Medha Singh
Medha Singh
B.Ed Student, Banasthali Vidyapith

I had a great experience in learning the skill of Item Writing and I would recommend this to other students as well who want to grow academically and professionally through the course, I learned many new things. The instructors were very approachable, knowledgeable, patient and had a positive approach towards our doubts. Modules were well formulated and the reading materials and video lessons contributed a lot to our knowledge of Item Writing. I would like to express my gratitude towards both the instructors as well as TCS iON Course Manager for their valuable guidance and support.

Supriya Sharma
Supriya Sharma
B.Ed Student, Banasthali Vidyapith

The course of Verbal Reasoning has been more than splendid. What I found best is that even if due to classes or exams or any other issue I wasn’t able to attend the online sessions, I was able to have access to those on the platform whenever I found time. Other than that, the teachers have been very cooperative and very understanding and cleared the doubts whenever they were raised. This course has been very knowledgeable and productive and quite different from everything we have learned or have been offered to learn before. I think there is hardly such courses that I know which focuses on mental abilities and reasoning and their formation. So that’s a plus. Other than that there aren’t complaints and the course is going very fluently. I thank the team for giving me the chance to get into this course.

Sukhjit Singh
Sukhjit Singh
PhD Scholar in Education from Department of Education, Panjab University Chandigarh

My experience with the whole programme is very satisfactory. The programme offered me a space to explore the field of Item Writing.
This is crucial to improve my expertise in the same, to grow in the field of education.
The technicalities and challenges one face in item construction was comprehensively covered in the course content and were discussed extensively in the digital as well as weekly sessions. Timely assignments helped in improving the skill of item construction.
The TCS iON Course Manager was very receptive to students' queries concerning course and assignment submission. She managed the programme very well.

Tanya Ahuja
Tanya Ahuja
B.Ed Student, Panjab University

Before having the golden chance to learn through the said course, I had limited knowledge about the importance of General Mental Ability. But with the ongoing course, I have not only inculcated a good knowledge about it, but have also been able to develop a keen interest in terms of understanding the mindset of the test taker and then creating the item accordingly. It has been an insightful journey with all the mentors and Mary ma'am. All of them have contributed greatly to my learning. The classes have been quite interactive throughout, giving us the space and the opportunity to discuss our doubts and progress. The mindful and keen construction of the modules is brilliant. Besides, the quiz and the regular assignments have proved to be a great asset for my learning. I would conclude by thanking the entire TCS team for giving me this wonderful opportunity for learning about a wholly vivid field which is not only imperative to have a strong professional stand but is also significant for personal cognitive growth.

Barkat Hussain Para
Barkat Hussain Para
Research Scholar, Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University

TCS iON Industry Honour Certification - Item Writing Course (Verbal) is unique in its intent, practical and theoretical procedures. Based on cloud solution with academic and industrial experts, TCS iON increased the proficiencies of educational institutions, faster go to market, predictability of technology as well as spend better business results. The experts of assigned course Prof. Dash and Prof Gargi Jain their experience and knowledge base combined with perseverance, hard-working and depth information make this course more interesting and creative in nature. Not only did this experience teach me the proper techniques of technical item writing and the process of document construction, but it also taught me how to learn independently, how to stick with a problem and find ways of solving it, and perhaps most significantly, the experience taught me the skills that will enable me to continue to develop my technical aspect such as writing skills, problem-solving skill etc. beyond the long-established educational curriculum. Moreover, the platform prepares me to carry out skills in relation to day-to-day activities. I wrapped a real-life experience around the assignments and it was a tremendous learning skill. In nutshell, it was a great learning experience. I must appreciate the opportunity provided by TCS iON in relation to assessing my technical skill and how to enhance it in more informative ways. I also appreciate the scientific and divergent approach through applicability of knowledge base principles to enhance educational system at large.

Dr. Aerum Khan
Dr. Aerum Khan
Assistant Professor, Dept of TT & NFE (IASE) F/o Education Jamia Millia Islamia

The Item Writing for GMA (Verbal) online course by TCS iON is a very useful and well-structured course. As a participant I learned a lot from it which improved my item development capacity. The live lectures were very helpful as well as the recorded videos which are available on the platform can be revisited any time in case of better understanding of a concept is required. I particularly loved the explicit method of presentation used in the recorded videos. Congratulations to TCS iON for developing such a crisp course! Thanks for making me the part of it indeed!