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Course Details

Course Commencement
August 2023 (Tentative)
Course Completion
January 2024 (Tentative)
Exam Dates
Multiple slots in January 2024 (Tentative)
Credits & LTP
Each course offers 5 credit points.
Practical (Hands-on)
Recommended For:
Graduation Programme - B.Ed, M.Ed
Branch - Mathematics, Psychology, Education

Course Summary

General Mental Ability (GMA) refers to the capacity of an individual to effectively process information at a quick pace to understand, learn, reason and solve problems. The overall GMA score tends to explain the variation in individual performance more than specific course-related knowledge and abilities.

The Item Writing for GMA (Visual Spatial) course primarily focusses on the non-verbal materials that are abstract in nature and do not easily lend themselves to verbal processing. The course has been designed to help learners create tests for assessing the visual-spatial reasoning skills of indviduals.

The course introduces learners to 25+ item types in visual spatial reasoning with examples and skills that would be assessed. It gives learners an understanding of items that are loaded on language-reduced thought processes to help create effective tests for analysing an individual's visual spatial reasoning ability.


A virtual hands-on environment is integrated within the course.

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Knowledge in the field of Education, Psychology or Mathematics is necessary.

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus will be delivered through a combination of eLearning resources, digital lectures, community based digital classrooms as applicable.
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Course Components

Digital Learning
Courses to consist of enriching eLearning resources View Sample
Multiple digital lectures delivered by a renowned academician and an industry expert, through the entire duration of a course View Sample
Academic Connect
Moderated by an academic expert with a focus on building conceptual clarity View Sample
Industry Connect
Moderated by an industry expert with a focus on building industry oriented applied knowledge View Sample
Access to industry related mini projects to enable practical exposure for candidates View Sample
Periodic Formative
Access to three periodic formative assessments during the course View Sample
Summative Assessment
Candidates to appear for either summative assessments consisting of two parts - Test of Knowledge and Test of Application or TCS NQT View Sample
Verifiable Digital
Successful candidates to receive a digital certificate, verifiable through online platforms View Sample
Internship opportunity for toppers in the respective courses, subject to vacancies in corporates and their hiring policies View Sample
Get visibility to job vacancies with leading corporate recruiters that recognise the TCS NQT certification, subject to vacancies in corporates and their hiring policies View Sample


Medipally Raju
Medipally Raju
Research Scholar, Osmania University

I have been enhancing my skills through the TCS iON Industry Honour Certification - Item Writing in Visual Spatial course. This is my first online course which is a very good experience to me, because of the motivation received from the TCS iON team members and their expertise in content, technical support, and patience. The host of this programme really boosted us to stay focussed on this course and in developing the items in Visual Spatial. Our iON course manager was humble from day one of this course and helped us in assignments and in completing the course in a flourishing manner. The digital lectures of Prof. Udaya Dash sir were really interesting and imparted knowledge to us. We were fortunate to receive valuable lessons from Prof. Rishipal Anand sir. I thank the course chief, team members and especially the technical staff who played a vital role behind the screen. The interactions and feedback taken by the senior officials of TCS to make necessary arrangements is a great thing. Once again I thank all the team members of TCS iON group for giving me this opportunity which was helpful in understanding and learning something from you.

This course is highly recommended for teachers, researchers and the students who are preparing for admissions or seeking jobs. Through this course they should understand various segments and capture diverse skills to solve the problems. The way of thinking, brainstorming, searching for the ways to reach the ultimate goal through our vision is the takeaway that I have taken from this course.

Stuti Singh
Stuti Singh
B.Ed Student, Banasthali Vidyapith

At the beginning of the course I was unsure of how this course will actually help me. But starting from the orientation the mentors provided us hope and showed us the window to the numerous opportunities that would open up with this course on creating items GMA (visual spatial). Personally, it has helped me to explore a part of my brain that I was unaware of. The online learning platform is a great tool which is easy to use and understand. All the mentors were very co-operative and helpful during the course. Thank you for the opportunity!!

Amulya Awasthi
Amulya Awasthi
B.Ed Student, Banasthali Vidyapith

The learning experience at TCS iON has been great. The staff is very supportive and co-operative. The class schedules are very well managed and student friendly. I really enjoyed reading all the modules and expanding my knowledge in an area of general mental ability. It helped me in enhancing my skills at the time of COVID-19 pandemic by allowing me to study from home. I have received continuous support from TCS team who helped me in the pre and post-formalities. I am really thankful to TCS for such an opportunity and I sincerely recommend this course to all the candidates pursuing any degree of education.

Farhat Shireen
Farhat Shireen
M.Ed, Jamia Millia Islamia

Overall experience was very good. The course is well organised, clear and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the course and also updated my knowledge through the training sessions.

The course content and live lectures were very well organised. They were very effective. I have learned the skill of item writing which is very useful. Our mentors were very experienced and knowledgeable. They were very good at communicating with the all the students. Our iON course manager was extremely knowledgeable, willing to help the students at any time, with any questions. Thanks to all the faculty members for providing me with this incredible opportunity of learning.