R and Machine Learning Fundamentals

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Duration: 5 Weeks

Commitment: 8 Hours/Week



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(Online + Classroom)

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About this Course

R is one of the most popular languages used for machine learning and arguably, the best entry point to the fascinating world of machine learning (ML). If you're interested in exploring both the programming and machine learning world with R, then this course is for you.

The online module of this course consists of interactive self-paced learning material, which the learners can go through at their own pace. This course is a blend of text, videos, code examples, case studies, a mini project and an assessment, which together makes your learning journey all the more exciting and truly rewarding. It has been meticulously designed and developed in order to empower you with all the right and relevant information on R.
In classroom sessions,

  • Simple topics will be recapped for important points and concepts.
  • Moderately difficult topics will be explained in brief with example(s) and demonstration(s).
  • Difficult topics will be explained in depth with example(s) and demonstration(s) for each concept.

By the end of this course, you will have a good knowledge of R principles in both programming and machine learning, which you can use as a springboard to further develop your expertise.


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Who would benefit?

  • The course is intended for both professionals and students.
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Course Syllabus

This course comprises the following modules:



For anyone who has minimal or no prior experience in programming


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