Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) Essentials

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a worldwide tour de force that is taking all markets and industries by storm. Learn everything you need to know about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin through Ethereum to Ripple. This course also covers alternative cryptocurrencies and cryptography basics.

The videos in this course feature a step-by-step process to explain every facet of Blockchain; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies and its working.
This course comes along with the community - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) Essentials. Once you purchase the course, you become a part of this community. You can enhance your learning by participating in the discussion threads, raise queries and get solutions through the community in quick time. You can also share your own ideas, access best practices shared by peers, get ideas about the next learning topics to complete your study. You may also participate in the ongoing discussion forums to raise and clear your doubts. You are also encouraged to go through all the topics of the course in detail and post your queries in the applicable comments section of the community. The moderator of the community will get back to you within a short time.

This course will ensure that you are not left behind in what is the greatest revolution and evolution in technology and economics of our time, and maybe even of all times. You will learn to use and leverage the powerful technology behind these amazing and wonderful platforms.


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Who would benefit?

  • Beginners and experts in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Individuals interested in learning about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

Course Syllabus

This course comprises the following modules:



Basic knowledge of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is required.


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