Elasticsearch and AngularJS: IntraWeb Search

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Always wanted to make your AngularJS application more scalable and fast? Thinking of ways to power insanely fast data discovery within your application? Think no more, for this course guides you on how to integrate Elasticsearch, a world-renowned scalable and fast open-source search server, with your AngularJS application. Elasticsearch is a search server that also doubles up as a NoSQL data store, and hence provides lightning-fast search functionality within a website. Moreover, you can rapidly scale up a website using Elasticsearch. It is also highly available, meaning that a website would almost never face any downtime or lags when having an Elasticsearch backend; which is also attributed to its NoSQL nature. AngularJS is a web framework powered by Google that has revolutionised web development over the past few years. With its advanced and unique two-way data binding between the data and the UI, strong template building solutions, code reuse features and allowing the creation of custom DOM elements whenever needed, AngularJS can indeed be said to be the framework of the future.

In this course you will get started by developing a strong foundation in AngularJS learning its basics and then moving on to topics such as controllers, templates, routing, and services.
Next, you will study Elasticsearch right from the basics, so that your concepts are built well. Moving on, you will learn how to create queries to enable searching data in an Elasticsearch data store. Finally, you will study in detail how to integrate Elasticsearch with an AngularJS application, and improve the search features by tweaking various configurations, so as to boost the overall efficiency and scalability.

By the end of this course, you will develop a strong foundation in Elasticsearch and understand the basics of AngularJS well enough to integrate Elasticsearch with an AngularJS application environment and improve its performance substantially. The goal of this course is to teach you to integrate Elasticsearch with an AngularJS-based application and improve its overall performance and scalability.


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  • **This course is for web developers interested in learning or getting started with AngularJS, Elasticsearch, or both, or simply searching for a robust search solution within an AngularJS application.
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Familiarity with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is required. Students will also need basic knowledge of HTTP methods for taking up this course.


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