PHP Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals

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Duration: 5 Weeks

Commitment: 5 Hours/Week



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PHP is a widely used programming language that is especially suitable for web development and e-commerce. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming model often used with PHP. With OOP, programmers define not just the data type of a data structure, but the functions that can be applied to it too.
The course begins with installation of the local PHP server and then it goes straight into the essential constructs of PHP (i.e. class constructs, attributes, methods and constants). It covers the PHP Objects in depth, from creating an object to obtaining and changing its attributes.
The more advanced topics like the Constructor/Destructor Magic Methods, static class attributes, constants and methods are also covered extensively.

This PHP Object Oriented Programming course contains over 63 lectures and 25 hours of content; that is more than enough to set you on the path to becoming a PHP OOP expert. Although not designed for complete beginners, anyone with basic HTML development experience will be more than capable of following the course.
In classroom sessions,

  • Simple topics will be recapped for important points and concepts.
  • Moderately difficult topics will be explained in brief with example(s) and demonstration(s).
  • Difficult topics will be explained in depth with example(s) and demonstration(s) for each concept.

In every section, you will complete a practical exercise to put your knowledge to the test and gain hands-on experience of the material you've just covered. On completion of this course, you will know the basics of PHP OOP inside out, and plenty more besides.


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Who would benefit?

  • This course is ideal for students and professionals having basic knowledge of HTML web development and who are looking forward to learning how to enhance, maintain, and build highly driven dynamic web pages.
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Course Syllabus

This course comprises the following modules:



Learners should be familiar with the basics of HTML and PHP. They will be downloading and installing the necessary software to perform the examples throughout the course. Required software are: "WAMP" and Python IDLE.


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