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Attending a Group discussion is not a simple task. The pressure of putting our best foot forward in front of a group brings out different facets of a person. A person can get extremely aggressive if the topic is close to him/her and can become very silent if the person is unclear about the topic. Maintaining your calm and speaking with clarity play a big role in determining your success in a Group Discussion.

This course will help you understand the importance of a group discussion during interviews. An important part of a group discussion is how you present yourself and put your thoughts across. The results of a group discussion are determined by your behaviour, body language, and the words you use. You will learn the appropriate phrases which will prove to be helpful to put forward your point of view when you participate in a group discussion.

This course will help you handle a group discussion with ease.


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  • Students who are preparing for interviews
  • Working professionals and business persons will also find this course useful

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Basic knowledge of the English language is the only requirement.


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