Mastery of Math for Middle School - Algebra

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Duration: 5 Weeks

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We live in a world of numbers. We see them every day on clocks, in the stock market, in sports, and all over the news. Algebra is all about figuring out the numbers we don't see. We might keep track of stock prices, but how can we figure out how much money we have made (or lost) on the market? And we may already know how to tell the time, but how can we calculate the exact time at which a clock's hour and minute hands are aligned? With Algebra, we can answer all of these questions using the numbers we already know to solve the unknown.

The aim of teaching Algebra is to help students in expression of abstract ideas. Words and phrases, as the instrument of ideas, are replaced by symbols helping in clarity and conciseness. The course includes videos, slide presentations, assessments, assignments and teaching strategies to be used. Learners can also participate in bytes, blogging, discussion forums to ideate and help fellow Math teachers learn useful ideas and tips.

This course helps teachers to teach students to find solutions to some of the tough problems in Algebra and inculcate in students the power of accurate analysis. Through this course, one will understand that learning Algebra is a great help in the understanding of other Sciences. Teachers will be equipped to teach students numerical and algebraic expressions and help students comprehend that, generalisation of scientific truths is impossible without the aid of Algebra.


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  • **Teaching professionals performing the roles of Head of Department, faculty, teacher aides, curriculum coordinators and school leaders would find this course useful.
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This course comprises the following modules:



Basic knowledge of Mathematics and the English language is essential.


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Ms. Vijayalakshmi Sivalenka
M.Phil., M.Sc.(Mathematics) & B.Ed.
Keystone International School

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