Understanding Collateral Management

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Collateral Management, as a practice in the financial sector, is gaining momentum. It plays a decisive role in the Trade Cycle. Numerous kinds of Agreements; including Bilateral, Tri-Party and Repo are widely prevalent. In today's dynamic economic conditions, understanding the need for constant, consistent collateral management is critical.

The process of Repo Agreement, in particular, requires to be fully understood by individuals aiming at investing in the market. Furthermore, the need for constant Reconciliation must be understood in its correct context.

On completion of this course, you will understand about collateral management, its role in the Trade Cycle and the process of Repo Trading.


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  • **This course has been designed for professionals working in the finance sector who have limited exposure to collateral management. MBA students and trainees as a part of their curriculum, and fresh graduates seeking employement in the financial sector would also benefit from this course.
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Basic knowledge about financial management and investment market would help in understanding this course better.


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