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TCS MasterCraft™ DevPlus Scrum Management is an agile delivery tracking system to manage the product backlogs, plan and track iterations through features such as Backlogs, Wiki, Release Plan and Reports modules and collaborative features.

This interactive course consists of videos, self-paced learning modules and an exit assessment at the end of the course. The course design is compatible with all devices.

On completion of the course, the learners will become familiar with TCS MasterCraft™ DevPlus Scrum Management as an agile delivery tracking system that manages the SDLC through Backlogs, Releases and Sprints. The learners will gain an understanding of its ability to facilitate robust process governance through digitised backlogs, pre-defined KPIs like Sprint Burndown and Velocity. They will have knowledge about the role of Backlog Management and its offerings, the solution that offers a flexible reporting and analytics framework that enables quick creation of custom KPIs and metrics.

Course Details

Course Duration

1 Week

Course Commitment

2 Hours



Course Format

Online Self-paced

  • Recognise the features and capabilities of TCS MasterCraftTM DevPlus Scrum Management
  • Discover the features of Backlogs, Release Plan and Wiki Modules
  • Discover how to create, manage and view a new Report or Report Groups
  • Discover collaborative features of TCS MasterCraftTM DevPlus Scrum Management

Recommended For

Primary Audience: Product Manager, Release Manager, Agile Coach, Transition Lead, Domain Consultant, Tester, Developer

Secondary/Additional Audience: Project Manager, Product Specialist, Scrum Master, Engineer

Course Syllabus

This course comprises the following modules:
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Learners should have basic knowledge of the steps involved in Scrum Management such as:
Scrum Principles
Agile Portfolio Planning
Idea Management
Backlog Management
Reports and Dashboards

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