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About TCS iON Compass

A career guidance platform that helps you to decode your ability, aptitude and personality traits using well established and standardised psychological tests
Combines the insights gained with robust analytics and data from a global career database
Offers you prescriptive, personalised and accurate recommendations on best fit careers
Helps you get learning recommendations to achieve your aspirations

Why TCS iON Compass

TCS iON Compass aims at providing contextual recommendations based on your current learning stage,
helping you make the right decisions from your current learning choices to meet your career aspirations
Analytics Driven
Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide personalised and contextual career guidance rather than a generic rule based approach
Global Standards
Based on well established career decision models which consider a large number of variables to offer highly accurate recommendations on career fitment
Up-to-date Inputs
Built on robust global databases that are continually being updated to ensure recommendations are aligned with the emerging industry requirements and opportunities


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HIGHER EDUCATION (Undergraduate / Postgraduate)
HIGH SCHOOL (Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12)
PROFESSIONAL (Experienced Professionals)
VOCATIONAL SKILLING (Technical & Non-Technical Skills)

Key Features TCS iON Compass

Formal Assessment
Online Internet Based Psychometric Assessment
Scientific and Accurate Analytics that Identify Suitable Recommendations and Predict Outcomes
Economical, Comprehensive and Robust Framework
Prescriptive, Personalised and Contextual Recommendations on Career Fitment, Skills and Learnings


Q. 1. How can TCS iON Compass help me to choose the right career path? +
  • TCS iON Compass is a unique framework built by using latest research, psychometric assessments, analytics and data from the world's largest career database to facilitate your search for the right career, education and skill sets.