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Industry-led Machine Learning (ML) Courses for Corporates

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About the Co-branded ML Courses

TCS and DeakinCo. have entered into a partnership to offer technology-focussed courses to corporates, globally. Our Machine Learning courses are tailored and contextualised to business and incorporated learning interventions by leading subject matter experts.

The courses are contemporary and directly relevant to the industry. These courses will present participants an opportunity to benefit from the combined knowledge equity of the world’s largest technology services company and an Australian University ranked among the world’s top institutions.

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1. Who would benefit from the courses offered? +
  • 1) Machine Learning for Practitioners course is suitable for:
    • Existing Data Scientists, Practitioners of Deep Learning;
    • Data Analytics professionals who want to deepen their understanding of key concepts, formulations, and algorithms, and gain experience through practical examples from world-class faculty and industry experts; and
    • Professionals looking to upskill in the field of Machine Learning.
    2) Understanding Machine Learning course is suitable for professionals aspiring to become Data Scientists, Data Stewards, Information Managers, Predictive Modellers, or Deep Learning and Artiicial Intelligence experts/practitioners.

    3) Machine Learning and Business Strategy course is suitable for mid/senior managers and leaders (with or without data/IT background) and Data Specialists working on the strategic applications and implications of machine learning for their organisation.