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TCS iON - Role in Recruitment

TCS iON is democratising recruitment by giving every candidate an access to a single, standardised, high-quality benchmark test to showcase their competency to top recruiters, while at the same time, making this pre-certified talent pool available for corporates to hire.

Pre-certification is done in the areas of cognitive ability, psychometric profile, industry awareness, and expertise in subject areas relevant to the industry. These tests are conducted every quarter so that there is continuous availability of certified pool throughout the year. We have targetted students who are freshers or have less than 2 years of work experience.

Access to the certified talent pool through our TCS iON Job Listing portal is completely FREE for the corporates.

We invite you to be a part of this journey that will significantly benefit you and your organisation in the process of hiring top talent.

TCS National Qualifier Test (TCS NQT) is a nationwide test conducted by TCS iON. It assesses the capabilities of job-seekers on their readiness for getting a job based on their cognitive ability, industry awareness and deep knowledge in specialised skills relevant to the industry. Learn more about TCS NQT here.

Who can apply for TCS NQT?

  • College students who are doing a UG/PG/Diploma course, and in their pre-final and final year.
  • Freshers having a UG/PG/Diploma degree, with 0 to 2 years of work experience.

Apart from direct hiring based on applications registered in the company’s career portal, TCS iON also offers a Job Listing portal where corporates could post jobs for FREE.

Corporates could post their open job requirements online, and eligible candidates with NQT Score could apply for these jobs. The shortlisting of candidates, video-based interviews, and the selection process are easily managed through this portal. Access to a large pool of pre-certified candidates to select from, makes the talent recruitment process quick and cost effective.

  • Standardised, secure and reliable test
  • Ability to mobilise top talent across tier 1/2/3/4 cities and colleges
  • Diverse pool of candidates across degrees and specialisations
  • Ability to conduct In-Centre assessments PAN India: 4 Lakh+ computers across 670+ cities and 6800+ TCS iON Authorised Exam Centres
  • Comprehensive job readiness assessment focussing on cognitive ability, psychometric behaviour, industry-specific and subject-specific knowledge
  • Wide coverage of NQT variants to address the current needs of various industries and job roles
  • Hands-on skill assessments as part of Subject NQTs to enhance the assessment process
  • Large pool of 4 Lakh+ TCS NQT certified candidates available for hiring
  • When candidates apply for a job in your company, you are willing to consider the NQT Score and use it at your discretion in your current talent acquisition process.
  • There is no commercial involved in case you use the NQT Score or the TCS iON Job Listing portal for posting jobs and for candidate selection, as and when you may choose to use.
  • There is no obligation on your part to recruit candidates using only the NQT Score or the TCS iON Job Listing portal.
  • When a candidate applies for a job in your company with the NQT Score, you could validate this score through the TCS iON online score verification portal, after completing your company registration.
  • You could use the TCS iON Job Listing portal to post jobs, shortlist candidates, and complete the selection process.
  • This is a self-service portal, where you could complete all the activities yourself. There is no obligation on TCS to find a suitable candidate for your open job requirements.
  • TCS will conduct TCS NQT on a periodic basis and run email campaigns to urge candidates to register themselves on the TCS iON Job Listing portal. The candidates could then apply for jobs in your company based on their eligibility. If required, you could also ask any candidate to take the upcoming TCS NQT and hire them with their NQT Score.
  • If you have uploaded your company logo on the portal, you would allow us to refer to your organisation name/logo in our communication/marketing messages and other marketing collaterals.

Key Benefits

Reach and Access

Access to candidates PAN India

Reduced Effort and Time to Hire

Access to a wide range of pre-qualified profiles

Holistic Evaluation

Multi-level certified candidates

Faster Deployment

Pre-certified candidates facilitate quicker deployment

Ease of Hiring

FREE access to TCS iON Job Listing portal

Current Certified Talent Pool

TCS iON conducted the first NQT exam in October 2020, 4 Lakh+ candidates got their NQT Score, and are looking forward to being hired by corporates like you.

How can you Work with TCS iON on this Initiative?

You could indicate your interest to participate in the TCS NQT initiative by filling in the simple registration form and start using these services.

In case you want to know more about TCS NQT initiative before registering, you could share your name, company name, email ID and mobile number, and we will reach out to you to explain in detail.

You can engage with us at multiple levels:


Indicate your interest to participate in TCS NQT initiative by filling in the simple registration form, and you are good to go.


Become one of the “Brands that acknowledge TCS NQT” partner by uploading your company logo on the registration page. You get an advantage of your company logo and career portal links being made available to TCS NQT aspirants.


Become our partner on the TCS iON Job Listing portal, post your jobs and select from a pool of pre-certified candidates.

How Corporates can Hire using NQT Scores?

Step 1

NQT acknowledging corporates post vacancies on TCS iON Job Listing portal

Step 2

Candidates write the exam and get NQT Score(s)

Step 3

NQT certified candidates apply for jobs posted by NQT acknowledging corporates

Step 4

Corporates receive top recommended profiles

Step 5

Corporates verify NQT Score(s) and employ the best suitable NQT certified candidate

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