Subject NQT - Accountant

Assess Your Knowledge of Accounting Functions

Qualify for Jobs in Banking and Finance Domain with a Subject NQT Score in Accountancy


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NQT (Cognitive Skills) is a mandatory test to register for Attitudinal Alignment (Psychometric Test), Industry NQTs and Subject NQTs.

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Test Date

1st May, 2021

Test Date

1st May, 2021


Subject NQT - Accountant

Prove your ability to measure, process and communicate the financial information of a Business or Organisation.

    Who can Apply

  • Anyone aspiring for job roles in top Banking and Finance Corporates

    Job Prospects

  • Accounts Executive, Account Operations Officer, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Auditor, Operations Account Executive in ANY Industry
  • Salary range of ₹ 1.5 to 7.5 Lakhs per annum

    About the Test

  • Conducted online (at home) and physical In-Centre at TCS iON Authorised Exam Centres
  • All NQT variants are valid for two years
  • Candidates with NQT Score can apply for an entry-level role in any corporate
  • Candidates with NQT Score can apply for jobs on the TCS iON Job Listing Portal
  • NQT (Cognitive Skills) Score is a prerequisite for any Subject NQT

Test Coverage

Basic Accounting and Finalisation of Accounts

  • Knowledge of basic accounting concepts, Preparation of trial balance, Profit and loss account and balance sheet

Cost and Management Accounting

  • Knowledge of types of accounting ratios, Methods of accounting for inventory and inventory control, Concept of standard and marginal costing

Direct and Indirect Taxation

  • IT provision, Capital gains and profits, Rules for TDS on incomes, Filing and reconciliation of TDS returns, Payment of Tax and Audit requirements, GST - provision of Goods and Services, Tax Filing, reconciliation and registration

Total Marks 60 | Duration 60 Mins

Advantages of Subject NQT - Accountant

  • Adds a Score Card to your profile to gain entry to top Banking and Financial Industry Corporates
  • Exhibits your accountancy skills to the top recruiters in the Industry
  • Helps candidates to go through a transparent selection and recruitment process
  • Gets access to career opportunities on the TCS iON Job Listing Portal by top recruiters

Key Features

A structured test designed by subject matter experts and aligned with industry expectations

Standardised benchmark test for assessing role-specific core skills in Accountancy

Scheduled In-Centre Assessment at TCS iON Authorised Exam Centres and Online Remote Proctored Assessment on the secured TCS iON Digital Platform

Access to Top Corporates looking for talent on the TCS iON Job Listing Portal

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1. What is Subject NQT? +
  • Subject NQT assesses knowledge and skill in specific subjects pertaining to job roles in the following areas:
    • Basic Accounting and Finalisation of Accounts
    • Cost and Management Accounting
    • Direct and Indirect Taxation
  • Each candidate who completes the Subject NQT gets a Subject NQT Score for that particular subject. For example, Subject NQT - Cloud Computing. Subject NQTs are planned to be conducted every quarter. The candidates can take the tests again to improve their previous scores, if desired.
  • There are Subject NQTs for multiple subjects. The candidates wanting to showcase their expertise in multiple subjects across industries can appear for as many Subject NQTs as desired.
  • Note:
    • NQT (Cognitive Skills) Score is a prerequisite to appear for Subject NQT - Accountant.