Subject NQT - Business Development Executive

Prove Your Ability and Knowledge as a Business Development Executive

Reach your Dream Job with a Subject NQT Score in Business Development


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NQT (Cognitive Skills) is a mandatory test to register for Attitudinal Alignment (Psychometric Test), Industry NQTs and Subject NQTs.

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Next Exam Cycle

December 2021, March 2022

(Applications are open)

Next Exam Cycle

December 2021, March 2022

(Applications are open)


Subject NQT - Business Development Executive

Test your knowledge in Business Development

    Who can Apply

  • Students who are in their final or pre-final year of UG or PG degree
  • A fresher who would like to certify his/her skills with Subject NQT Score for the role of a Business Development Executive
  • Individuals aspiring for a career in Business Development

    Job Prospects

  • Business Development Executives can work in any industry, giving them the opportunity to operate in a diverse culture
  • Every expanding company requires someone to fill a Business Development position. Large and small organisations rely on talented Business Developers to drive market strategy, locate new clients, and partner with them
  • Salary ranges from INR 4 to 8 Lakhs on average

    About the Test

  • Conducted online (at home) and physical In-Centre at TCS iON Authorised Exam Centres
  • All NQT variants are valid for two years
  • Candidates with NQT Score can apply for an entry-level role in any corporate
  • Candidates with NQT Score can apply for jobs on the TCS iON Job Listing Portal
  • NQT (Cognitive Skills) Score is a prerequisite for any Subject NQT

Test Coverage

  • Marketing Management - Marketing environment, strategy, and research; identifying market opportunities through segmentation and how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be used in Business Development (BD) activities
  • Sales Management - Sales process including planning, budgeting, and forecasting, reporting, process of sales, defining sales strategies; key account management and objection handling
  • Business Research Methods and Business Analytics - The qualitative and quantitative research methods; statistical methods and technologies for analysing data to improve strategic decision-making
  • E-Business - All types of e-businesses: B2B, B2C, B2G, and e-payments
  • Consumer Behaviour - Consumer behaviour analysis and what influences consumers’ buying decisions
  • Ethics in Business Development Activities, Data Privacy and Consumer Protection - Business ethics in the modern environment; skills of identification, analysis, and permission of ethical dilemmas in a workplace
  • Digital Marketing - Digital marketing for marketing success, managing customer relationships across all digital channels and creating a digital marketing plan

Total Marks 40 | Duration 60 Mins

Advantages of Subject NQT - Business Development Executive

  • Helps candidates gain credibility for long-term career growth
  • Evaluates candidates' understanding and acquisition of skills, which are required to be an effective Business Development Executive
  • Assesses candidates' knowledge of the skills required to work cross-functionally within the organisation

Key Features

A structured test designed by subject matter experts and aligned with industry expectations

Standardised benchmark test that validates role-specific core skills in Business Development

Access to top corporates looking for talent on the TCS iON Job Listing Portal

Flexibility to appear for the test either In-Centre or Online

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1. What is Subject NQT? +
  • Subject NQT assesses knowledge and skills in specific subjects pertaining to job roles in the following areas:
    • Marketing Management
    • Sales Management
    • Business Research Methods and Business Analytics
    • E-Business
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Ethics in Business Development Activities, Data Privacy, Consumer Protection
    • Digital Marketing
  • Each candidate who completes the Subject NQT gets a Subject NQT Score for that particular subject. For example, Subject NQT - IT Programming. Subject NQTs are planned to be conducted every quarter. The candidates can take the tests again to improve their previous scores, if desired.
  • There are Subject NQTs for multiple subjects. The candidates wanting to showcase their expertise in multiple subjects across industries can appear for as many Subject NQTs as desired.
  • Note:
    • NQT (Cognitive Skills) Score is a prerequisite to appear for Subject NQT - Business Development Executive.