TCS iON Remote Assessments

TCS iON Remote Assessments enables institutions to continue admission and academic promotions processes remotely in a secured manner.

  • Administer the assessments remotely (Admission & Semester Exams)
  • Supports 3 types of Proctoring - System controls, Machine proctoring and Dual (man- machine) proctoring
  • Supports 5 different assessment methods
    • Pen & Paper
    • Computer Based
    • OMR
    • Digi OMR
    • Hands-on

TCS iON Remote Marking

TCS iON Remote Marking facilitates the Universities to evaluate the answer books in a remote and secured manner.

  • Location Independent Marking
  • Available in with & without supervision model (leveraging AI/ML algorithm)
  • Manages the evaluation in 5 different methods
    • Key based
    • On-Screen Human Marking
    • AI based
    • Image based
    • Algorithm based

TCS iON Remote Internships

TCS iON Remote Internships, a digital internship program, is designed to provide large number of internship opportunities across various trending topics / domains.

  • Remote Internship opportunities across trending topics / domains
  • Program complaint to AICTE guidelines
  • Experience collaborative learning with peers, connect with industry mentor and project performance evaluation
  • 3 variants – RIO-45, RIO-125 and RIO -210
  • Supportive Elements include
    • Industry Projects, Industry Readiness Skills, Self-learning content, Recorded Webinars, Daily activity reports, Knowledge sharing in digital discussion room, Tests and viva

Key Features:

  • Manage secured exams remotely
  • AI powered remote proctoring of candidates
  • Support 50 types of questions
  • Conduct subjective exams with an ability to draw complex equations and diagrams
  • Effective machine/remote human proctoring resulting in confidential exam integrity

What’s Included:

  • Intelligent alerts on suspicious activity
  • Proctoring through video nuggets
  • Analytics and real-time dashboards
  • Advanced launcher to kill other apps during exam
  • User friendly interface

Key Features:

  • AB Routing - Enhanced confidentiality due to non-local evaluation
  • Standardization & Consistency of Evaluation powered by Seeding Technology
  • Authentication through Face Recognition -> Login + Intermittent verification
  • Marking Controls – Smart Review
  • Audit & RTI Links
  • Visibility & Tracking powered by Command Center

What’s Included:

  • Remote Marking without Supervision
  • Remote Marking with AI Based Supervision

Key Features:

  • Internship throughout the year
  • Acknowledged by educational institutions for credits
  • Program construct compliant to AICTE Guidelines
  • Wide pool of projects on trending topics / domains
  • Internship from any where-any time

What’s Included:

  • RIO 45 – 45 hours internship for 10 days
  • RIO 125 - 125 hours internship for 30 days
  • RIO 210 – 210 hours internship for 45 days
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