The days of one size fits all learning is over. Learners are now looking for personalized learning, contextual learning and learning in the flow of work. TCS iON Talent Development Centre brings unique and innovative pedagogies packaged in an easy-to-use, end to end solution that helps address the needs of today's learner. Whether it is anytime anywhere learning, or learning through peer interaction, we can deliver it all. In a unique combination of platform, content and learning services we are disrupting the world of adult learning to provide outcome-based learning solutions – learning as usual to Learning Unusual, based on principles of Adult Learning and extensive research into user preferences.

Learning Unusual - The Path to Skill Revolution

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Learning Unusual – personal, contextual learning based on innovative pedagogies.

Reskilling journey – An end-to-end solution for reskilling and capability development

Use cases – Outcome based learning use cases for business growth and sustainibility

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