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Mentored by Industry Experts, TCS iON Blaze - Entrepreneurship is an avenue to connect with a successful entrepreneur and gain a practitioner's perspective on starting your own venture. Learners will be introduced to opportunity analysis, business planning, and strategising, and other aspects of starting and scaling a business. Learning with an entrepreneur provides one with value added knowledge of the practicalities and challenges faced in the world of entrepreneurship.

Nano Videos

Nano Tutorials

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Expert Opinion

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Knowledge Bytes

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Tech Events

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Discussions and Debates

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Access Industry Experts

Learn under the guidance of industry mentors

Enhance Domain Expertise

Mentor curated, rich learning resources that provide applied knowledge

Propel your Aspirations

Participate in events, demonstrate your skills and be prepared for the industry

Advance Towards your Goals

Learn something new that matters to the industry, every day

Engaged Learning

Network through discussions and debates on trending topics

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Receive a Certificate acknowledging your participation

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1. How will TCS iON Blaze help me in building my proficiency? +
  • TCS iON Blaze is an online social learning community that enables you to access nano-tutorials, quizzes and competitions, participate in discussion forums and debates, attend expert webinars on industry case studies, get industry and technology updates, attend knowledge sharing events, and gain applied knowledge.

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