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This community on Data Structure & Algorithms, moderated by an Expert Guru, is designed to familiarise students with algorithmic techniques for solving various computational problems and building a strong foundation on these concepts.

Learner Benefits

Expert Guru Connect

Access renowned Academicians as mentors in the community and learn from their experience

Collaborative Learning

Interact, engage and learn from and with peers, from across the country

Learner Support

24X7 access to learning aids and support from mentors and peers

Certificate of Participation

Receive a Certificate acknowledging your participation

Learning Component

Digital Content in
Multimodal Format
In the form of bytes, blogs, technological updates and quizzes
Learners will get an opportunity to work on industry-oriented digital assignments under the guidance of our esteemed mentor
Monthly Webinar
on Trending Topics
Live lectures will be conducted by our mentor followed by a Q&A session
Learners will be able to practise and enhance their programming skills
Learners will get guidance and study material for exams

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1. What is TCS iON GuruCool - Data Structure & Algorithms? +
  • TCS iON GuruCool - Data Structure & Algorithms is an exclusive learning platform enabling learners to write algorithms for solving problems with the help of fundamental data structures and for building proficiency in Data Structure under the mentorship of renowned academician and author - Mr. Yashavant Kanetkar.

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