Sharpen Your Child's Understanding of a Topic

About TCS iON Sharpener

Diagnostic focussed, topic-wise assessments for learning
Closely mapped to NCERT curriculum and its learning outcomes
Comprehensive coverage with exhaustive evaluation of concepts and abilities
Granular analysis and feedback to enrich teaching and learning

TCS iON Sharpener Products

Why TCS iON Sharpener

Designed by assessment experts and academicians to ensure accurate and comprehensive learning diagnosis
Acts as a strong learning aid with diagnostic feedback, concept explanations and detailed solutions to help learners understand and clear doubts and misconceptions
Empowers schools to create analytics-driven lesson plans, teaching strategies, and remedial action plans and monitor its impact on learners
Helps schools and students adopt an 'assessment-for-learning' approach and imbibe a culture of continuous and comprehensive evaluation
For Whom

Students of Grade 6 , 7 and 8

Key Features TCS iON Sharpener

Easy to access and simple to use for both learners and schools
Topic-wise multiple-choice assessments
Online tests that can be administered anytime and on any device
Post-assessment granular feedback for learners
Timed-tests with two attempts per test
Aggregate performance feedback for schools

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FAQs on TCS iON Sharpener

1. Which board is TCS iON Sharpener based on? +
  • The TCS iON Sharpener assessments are based on the NCERT curriculum, which is followed by CBSE, ICSE and all State Boards. Hence, TCS iON Sharpener will be useful for students studying under the above mentioned boards.