TCS iON Qualifier - CCQT - Science Graduates

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Assessment Date

Assessment will be conducted online. For more details, please refer to the FAQs.

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MinQ's Marks (Mandatory)

Proctored Remote Assessment covering topics such as Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, English Language and Optional Domain Section, conducted online. Only the candidates who qualify in Stage 1 will be eligible for Stage 2.

Quantitative Aptitude

20 Q's|40 Marks

Reasoning Ability

20 Q's|40 Marks

English Language

20 Q's|40 Marks

MinQ Q's Marks (Per Optional Domain Section)

From the available "Optional Domain Section", candidates may attempt either one or two sections, depending on their domain proficiency.


1 Q|60 Marks


30 Q's|60 Marks


30 Q's|60 Marks


30 Q's|60 Marks


30 Q's|60 Marks

* Optional Domain Section

Click here for detailed marking scheme & course curriculum for the Optional Domain Section

Video based assessment to test communication, behavioural and soft skills of the candidates. The Stage 1 qualified candidates must complete this stage on a laptop/desktop with video recording capability. Three questions will be asked online and candidates have to video record their response in a given time of 15 minutes. Candidates who qualify for Stage 2 will be intimated separately about the deadline for submitting the video based assessment.

Benefits of TCS iON Qualifier - CCQT - Science Graduates

  • Better Opportunities - Qualify once for a large number of Corporate jobs based on your score.
  • Get Noticed - Gain a competitive edge and improve visibility among recruiters in top MNCs.
  • Practise and Improve - Get an opportunity to improve your score every 3 months.

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About TCS iON Qualifier - CCQT - Science Graduates

"TCS iON Qualifier - CCQT - Science Graduates" is a 2-Stage assessment. Stage 1 is a proctored remote assessment conducted online, which covers different sections as per the latest exam patterns, and tests candidates on multiple skills and abilities in areas that matter to top corporates in the country. Stage 2 is a video based assessment to test candidates on communication, behavioural and soft skills. On completion of both the stages, the qualified candidate's profile along with the "TCS iON Qualifier - CCQT - Science Graduates" score will be sent to reputed global corporates that hire the best talent as per their business needs. "TCS iON Qualifier - CCQT - Science Graduates" is a ticket to a corporate career for job seekers giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent to the industry and achieve their dream job.

Note: For eligibility criteria please refer to FAQ# 2

Key Features

2-Stage Assessment in Areas that Matter to MNCs
Stage 1 - Proctored Remote Assessment Conducted Online
Stage 2 - Video Based Assessment to Test 'Soft Skills'
Visibility to the Most Sought After Corporate Recruiters


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1.Who will benefit from TCS iON Qualifier - Common Corporate Qualifier Test (CCQT) - Science Graduates? +
  • Final or Pre-Final year students and graduates seeking top jobs at global corporates will benefit from "TCS iON Qualifier - Common Corporate Qualifier Test (CCQT) - Science Graduates". This is meant for candidates who have passed or will pass the "Degree" as mentioned in FAQ# 2.
  • TCS iON has sufficient experience and expertise in conducting prestigious exams. Selection criteria will be based on the candidate's Stage 1 results. The exact selection criteria will be at the sole discretion of TCS iON, and the same will not be published or declared.
    Please note: Stage 1 qualified candidates also need to mandatorily complete the Stage 2 assessment for their profiles to be shared with Corporates.